Hyungjin Choi

Pianist. Composer. Arranger.

Tales of a Dreamer, out through PND Records, is just as the title implies… a tale of dreams. “Dream is a beautiful word, but dreaming might be painful. Because you're dreaming something that you don't see at the moment. Perhaps you need to be strong in order to keep dreaming since it often requires you to have a faith about many uncertainties.” – Hyungjin comments on Tales of a Dreamer.

Her version of dreaming is a belief: strong decisions to have faith that what she has been longing will eventually come true. For example, Jordan River is a metaphor: You're dreaming of the land of Canaan, the new land that is promised to you. You'll need to show your faith by crossing the Jordan River to enter the promised land.

Tales of a Dreamer was recorded October 2, 2013 at Acoustic Recording in Brooklyn. Hyungjin’s band is comprised of ascendant trumpeter and composer Takuya Kuroda, alto player Uri Gurvich, award-winning saxophonist Yacine Boulares, drummer / percussionist Alex Wyatt, and bassist Pablo Menares.