Hyungjin Choi

Pianist. Composer. Arranger.

Great Review by Nick DeRiso

Nick DeRiso just wrote a fantastic review of "Tales of a Dreamer"... Read it in full at this location!

Classically trained, but unafraid to furiously swing, Hyungjin Choi leads a group of likeminded jazz performers through a set that is as varied as it is satisfying.

In keeping, Tales of a Dreamer offers an engaging palette of moods, across a dynamic range of textures. Hyungjin, a New York-based, South Korea-born pianist, is principally paired up front with talented saxists in Uri Gurvich and Yacine Boulares. But an album this complex all but requires an ever-evolving cast of collaborative voices, and Hyungjin has found a series of suitable foils.

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